Are You Following Too Many People on Twitter?

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I was just trying to reduce the number of followers I was following for 2 practical reasons:

  1. I can’t believe how many tweets I miss from people I really want to hear from;
  2. I can’t believe I can properly follow 800+ people, especially if I’m missing important tweets.

I have about 40 pages of people I’m following on Twitter. As I began skimming page by page by page, I could pretty much tell you:

  1. at least one thing about each person (or account holder as I also follow organizations and companies) and usually more;
  2. how I know them or know of them; and
  3. why I follow them.

So I began to struggle with who to unfollow. Not that I would consider everyone a Twitterfriend just because I recognize them somehow. But I began feeling personally attached to the people I’ve been following.

I finally decided to be surgical about my unfollowing practices and unfollowed Stale Twitterers – those who have not tweeted in at least a couple of months.

That means I just unfollowed about 8 Stale Twitterers in the last 15 minutes and got down to 782 Twitterers I’m following. But then I went to TwitterLocal and found more Alaska Twitterers to follow. I have an affinity for Alaska Twitterers since I am living and working in Alaska.

So now I’m following over 800 again. Back to the surgical unfollowing technique.

How many people are you following on Twitter? What is YOUR criteria for following someone on Twitter? Where do you draw the line?!

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One response to “Are You Following Too Many People on Twitter?

  1. I’m currently following just under 1200 Twitterers. These days, I rarely go out looking for new people to follow, but when someone follows me, I decide whether or not I will follow them back. I used to be much more stringent about who I would follow, but I’ve gotten less so.

    I don’t feel any need to unfollow people who haven’t tweeted recently. If they aren’t sending tweets, they aren’t filling up my stream, and they might tweet something really interesting when the urge strikes them.

    However, if they Tweet about Magpie (an advertising system for Twitter) that is almost an automatic unfollow in my book.

    To organize things, I’m using PeopleBrowsr which allows me to tag people, either publicly or privately and then have separate streams for people by tag. So, I have a Connecticut tag. (Actually, I have two different Connecticut tags, but that’s another story.) I have a SecondLife tag, a media tag, a marketing tag, and so on.

    Over time, my use of Twitter has changed, and I expect it will continue to change as Twitter evolves.

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