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LinkedIn is the Modern Day CV

I’m always struggling with recording my career-related activities to keep track of my own professional history. I haven’t used a resume for years because as a business owner, I’m more commonly asked for my bio or background, and I try to edit my bio every six months or when I do something new or significant in my work, whichever comes first.

I did try to put a CV together which is much more of an academic document. While I have a 15 page CV, I ended up paring it down thinking it would be easier to read and ended up with a cross between an extended resume and abbreviated CV.

These days, I think the Resume/CV is LinkedIn. I can’t see being a working or even an out-of-work businessperson without a LinkedIn account. The site prompts you to add your work history in an orderly fashion and encourages you to keep adding relevant activities and experience to get to a 100% completed profile.

When I want to know about anyone’s background, I hit LinkedIn first to see if they have a profile and if so, what they’ve been up to in the last 5 years. I’m sure people are doing the same to learn more about me.

I find myself tweaking my LinkedIn account several times a month, making sure that it clearly conveys what I do.

How are you keeping up with your resume, CV or bio? Is LinkedIn working for you?


The Debate About Social Network Profiling

istock_000004158211xsmallDear Social Media Mama,

I’ve found myself joining more than one social network. Now I don’t know whether I should just copy and paste the same profile from one to the next or if I need something original for each one. Help!

Multiple Profiles Gal

Dear MPG,

I’ve gone back and forth about “should a profile be different for each social network” or is it acceptable to use basically the same wording for each one? Continue reading

Internal Blogger Guidelines

istock_000006348547xsmall1I’ve been working with clients to develop their internal and external blog guidelines. Many of them are blogging for the very first time and several of them have multiple bloggers to help share the blogging load.

Here is a recent draft of internal guidelines that I’ve come up with. I tried to make these accessible, achievable and more motivational than dictating “rules.”

Our blog is our brand – it represents who we are, what we think about, what we believe in. Here are some tips for blogging consistently and compellingly to help build our blog community.

1. Be transparent. No matter what, always be clear who you are. We are not blogging anonymously on our site and we do not encourage our guest bloggers to be anonymous either.

2. Be truthful. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to blogging. We will do our best to check facts, be accurate, and above all, tell the truth.

3. Be yourself. Your personality should show through in your blog posts. Since we have multiple authors, find a niche that you can call your own and be conversational.
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Obama and Social Media

I totally believe that the savvy Obama displayed by bringing on the right tech team to implement a comprehensive social media campaign helped him to win the popular vote – not to mention raise funds in unprecedented ways.

Three cheers for the Obama Social Media Team!

Here’s a great slideshow breaking it down…

How Obama Won Using Digital and Social Media


View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: election obama)

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What is the WORST Social Media Mistake…?

istock_000006348547xsmallDear Social Media Mama,

I’m just getting started with social media to promote myself and my work. What is the worst mistake I can make when engaging in social media?

Dipping a Pinky Toe in Social Networks

Dear Pinky Toe,

What is the WORST social media mistake? Oh, my friend, there are far too many to narrow it down to just one.

But let me tell you some of the things that really irk me when they happen to me in the social mediasphere. Continue reading

6 Smart Ways to Blog for Business

istock_000006348547xsmallSo you have started a blog for your company. Maybe you are using a free blog publishing and hosting tool like, or Personally, I’m really starting to like over the other free blog publishing tools.

Maybe you’ve decided to invest a little money in a more robust blogging tool such as Or perhaps you’ve gone all out and invested in WordPress or ExpressionEngine server software.

No matter what your blog publishing tool, when it comes to blogging for business, you want to be strategic about what you say in your posts and how you say it. Here are 6 ways to blog for business that can help make your company blog a success.

1. Speak To a Specific Audience

With any marketing initiative, knowing your audience is key to crafting your message. Know who you are trying to reach with your blog then write your blog posts with that audience in mind. Do you need to be more formal or more conversational in your posts? Even your blogging voice can be determined by who you are trying to reach. Speak in an appropriate tone for your audience.

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Is Social So Over?

Recently, I was speaking to another web-working type about his company’s name – which I really liked, by the way. The name included “Social” in it. He said he’s been hearing mixed things about the name.

“Someone told me that ’social’ is so over,” he said, lamenting that his company name may already be dated.

Is “Social” already over? That’s news to me. Those immersed in web work may be sick of the (over)use of the word “social,” particularly if, like me, they’ve been working in the social media space back before anyone called it “social.”

Read more of my post over on Web Worker Daily’s site.

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