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LinkedIn is the Modern Day CV

I’m always struggling with recording my career-related activities to keep track of my own professional history. I haven’t used a resume for years because as a business owner, I’m more commonly asked for my bio or background, and I try to edit my bio every six months or when I do something new or significant in my work, whichever comes first.

I did try to put a CV together which is much more of an academic document. While I have a 15 page CV, I ended up paring it down thinking it would be easier to read and ended up with a cross between an extended resume and abbreviated CV.

These days, I think the Resume/CV is LinkedIn. I can’t see being a working or even an out-of-work businessperson without a LinkedIn account. The site prompts you to add your work history in an orderly fashion and encourages you to keep adding relevant activities and experience to get to a 100% completed profile.

When I want to know about anyone’s background, I hit LinkedIn first to see if they have a profile and if so, what they’ve been up to in the last 5 years. I’m sure people are doing the same to learn more about me.

I find myself tweaking my LinkedIn account several times a month, making sure that it clearly conveys what I do.

How are you keeping up with your resume, CV or bio? Is LinkedIn working for you?


How To Properly Respond to Requests on Twitter

istock_000004158211xsmallDear Social Media Mama,

A colleague just told me about a freelance editing lead that was posted in a writer’s forum in Twitter. I realized I haven’t used Twitter for this purpose before or to even answer someone.

I looked at how to respond to someone in the Help section on Twitter and I think I understand how I reply to him. I reply to him in on Twitter page, using the @reply function, right?

But what I still need to know is what is the protocol here. Do I send the person a complete resume and cover letter, which it doesn’t seem like you can do in Twitter or do you send a short message briefly saying who you are and send him a link to either my linkedin page or website? Or something else totally different?

Twitter Mystified

Dear TM:

Basically, you can contact people in two ways on Twitter itself:

1. @ing (“atting”) them – If they are not following you, this is your only way to hope to get their attention directly. You put an @ sign in front of their Twitter handle and put that at the START of your tweet in response to them. First make sure you are following them in order for them to privately message (DM) you in response. Then @ them that you’d like to submit something in response to their announcement and would like to know how to contact them.

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